Duke Jersey

August 31, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Living in an area with lots of universities (we love y'all), we frame lots of jerseys and T-shirts.  A lot goes into these, and we use our sewing skills as well as our other framing skills.  Recently, we framed this Duke jersey:


Here you see Tiffany hard at work on getting the jersey in place and sewing it at key points to hold it.


We love our work and have a great time working on your projects as you can see here by the big grin on Tiffany's face.  Here she is again, having a great time with the nearly finished jersey project.  Here you see it before it goes into the frame. Another great feature of this project is that the client had us add the player's name from the locker.  The end result looks wonderful.  What a great keepsake!


We also frame other textiles, for instance, we frame wedding dresses as well.  We are working on one now and will do a post about that one soon. 


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