Green Framers How are we green?

Green Framing is about making environmentally conscious choices throughout the entire framing process.   Going Green is about paying attention to what is being purchased and what goes into the dumpster.   The framing industry is evolving with new products that are environmentally friendly with better preservation benefits; this is a win-win for our customers as well as our planet.   At BCAF we try to be good neighbors and citizens, and being Green is just one part of that for us.   Here are a few ways we strive to protect our environment:

It all starts at the Design Counter:

-At BCAF we offer our customers a vast array of frame and matboard choices.   We use cotton rag matboard in our framing projects.    Not only is cotton rag matboard the best choice for acid-free conservation framing, but it is made from an annually renewable resource, cotton.   The cotton used in matboard is a by-product of the cotton used for other textiles.

-We offer a line of environmentally friendly frames that are 100% Bamboo.   Bamboo is one of the most renewable resources available and extremely durable:

      *It is the fastest growing woody plant (up to 3+ ft per day!)

      *Generates more oxygen than an equivalent space with trees

      *Harvested in 3-4 years vs 10-20 for most hardwoods

      *Tensile strength of 28,000psi vs Steel 23,000psi strength

-We also have a line of frames that are reclaimed from old barns and homes!   These are truly rustic and one of a kind!  

-BCAF has a large selection of metal frame choices.   Metal frames are not only environmentally friendly but they are a great alternative to wood frames because they are completely inert!   They will not emit any gasses onto the art work, making it truly archival!   

Recycling takes center stage in our workroom:

-At BCAF recycling begins with separating the various materials used in the frame making process.   Newsprint, bubble wrap, cardboard, mat board and Kraft paper, all go into bins to be reused or recycled.

      *We visit the local packaging store frequently with clean bubble wrap and shipping peanuts, to be reused by them.

      *We donate scrap materials to Art classes, schools and other non-profits for Art projects!

      *Old frames find new homes with our Local Artists, Scrap Exchange and the Local Goodwill.   To be reused, reinvented and recirculated into our community!

-We also reduce the amount of scrap leftover from framing by only ordering the amount needed for each project and calculating the best ways to utilize our materials before we begin any project.

-If there is any leftover wood, a small frame is made for our customer, at no charge, that coordinates with their other frame.  

Join us in our quest to be Green: ride the Bull City Connector to get here!


Taking custom framing to the next level is what BCAF is all about!   So Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and visit Bull City Art & Frame Company for all of your Art needs!