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“I took three pieces in, two of which were very old and in not great condition, and they did a fantastic job. The framing and matting was beautifully done, and the whole team was an absolute pleasure to work with.” - Anya B., Durham, NC (via Yelp)

"My 10th year in medical practice present to myself: professional framing of my doctorate diploma by Bull City Art and Frame. These guys are true pro's, meticulous down to the last detail, and absolute perfectionists. I love it! Thanks so much to Louis and crew at BCAAF. Fantastic service and wonderful people." - Dr Emily Penney, Nurturing Natural Medicine, Durham NC (via Google)

"My first experience getting artwork framed and it was flawless from start to finish. They gave me all of the information I needed to make my choices, and gave me their undivided attention while I was trying to figure out my budget and personal choices for my artwork. They were very patient and understanding, and allowed me to take my time. They were on time with their projection estimate for the length of time the job would take, and even walked me to my car and loaded my finished pieces. I will definitely recommend to friends, and be back very soon to get the rest of my pieces framed!" - Jennie C., Durham, NC (via Yelp)

"Being associated with Bull City Art and Frame has been incredible. I do many National and International exhibitions. I get many last minute requests for images to be presented and I can honestly say they are the epitome of customer service. They just don't just talk about it, they display it through their desire to make my work look it's best for each exhibition. Because of their attention to detail, I have no problem using them constantly for my work or recommending them to by clients. Lewis, Tiffany and the Bull City Art and Frame team...You're the BEST!!" - Paul Wingler, International Master Photographer (via Google)

"These guys not only made my life so much easier, but actually made for an incredibly enjoyable experience working with them. I came to them with a super-last-minute project on a big scale, having no experience framing 2D works before. They were so incredibly accommodating and helpful and respectful I couldn't believe it. They kept telling me they wanted to "give me one less thing to worry about", and they went above and beyond that. And in the end, I had simply beautiful products because of their meticulous, precise, and totally professional work. I honestly can't think of a time I was treated better as a customer. If I have to have something framed ever again while living in Durham, I wouldn't give it a moment's thought before returning to them. I honestly can't think of a time I was treated better as a customer." - Alex C., Herndon, VA (via Yelp)

"I have a beautiful piece just got back today -- the care and enthusiasm is phenomenal, and I am proud to support this local business-- artisans in their own right! Highly recommend." - Katherine Jo Nopper (via Google)

"Unbelievable customer service!!! Thanks for everything Lewis and Tiffany. Well worth every penny!" - Dennis B., Durham, NC (via Yelp)

"What an amazing experience! I had high expectations after reading reviews and seeing other work, yet my expectations were still surpassed. Tiffany truly has a gift! I went in with an idea of how I thought I wanted it to look. After listen to Tiffany's recommendations I decided to trust her and I am so glad I did. The quality and attention to detail blew me away. Thank you Lewis, Tiffany and Team for framing a piece that not only I am I proud to display but will stand the test of time. You guys deserve 6 Stars" - Michael Decker (via Google)

"Absolutely amazing place.  I brought in a piece with significant water damage, sun fading, and it was literally rough around the edges.  Tiffany was welcoming and knowledgeable, taking into consideration the best way to showcase the character of the piece rather than the damage.  She offered plenty of suggestions and was super patient while my boyfriend and I made some final decisions.  I have never been so happy with customer service and the final product was amazing.  It was ready when promised, and it is absolutely stunning!  I seriously can't stop staring at it.  I'll never go anywhere else for my framing needs! The shop also has some great local art and prints, which I will be back to check on periodically." - Samantha L., Durham, NC (via Yelp)

I brought in a piece in pretty rough shape, but it was no problem for Bull City Art and Frame Company! - Samantha L.I brought in a piece in pretty rough shape, but it was no problem for Bull City Art and Frame Company! - Samantha L.

They truly brought out the character of the piece, I couldn't be happier! - Samantha L.They truly brought out the character of the piece, I couldn't be happier! - Samantha L.

"Tiffany and Lewis are amazing! I had two pieces framed and not only was the craftsmanship excellent, but the whole experience was a pleasure. From my first call Lewis bent over backwards to help me fit the two pieces within my budget (a student loan budget even) without ever sacrificing quality. When I got the pieces back Lewis had a whole presentation prepared, with tips on hanging and placement and even as to why he did what he did. Have you ever gone to a doctor who explains why he is doing what he is doing so that you can understand the true art of his profession? Lewis is that doctor. He is methodical, meticulous, and absolutely precise with his work -- and he has the gift of being able to explain why his work in such a way that you know his work is of the utmost quality supreme. I recommend Tiffany and Lewis without reservation. They are hands down some of the best people I've ever had the pleasure of working with and I wish them the best of luck in continuing their business." - Scott M., Canonsburg, PA (via Yelp)

"I have a lot of framed art in my home but nothing do I treasure more than the most recent work done by Tiffany and Lewis.  They took a box full it items from my wedding on the steps of the Jefferson Memorial and turned it into an elegant shadow box that my family will treasure for generation after generation.  The care and attention to detail that they put into their work is unsurpassed by any other framer.  I trusted them with my memories and they in turn produced a treasured box that tells our story.  What a pleasure to work with such professionals.  Thank you. Robyn" - Robyn Miller (via Google)

"Lewis and Tiffany are amazing! From their creativity to their detailed customer service, there's nowhere else I'd take a piece of art!" - Katy D., Hillsborough, NC (via Yelp)

"Bull City Art and Frame Shop is one of my favorite local stores in Durham. I've had 2 pictures framed there and recommended them to friends who were also thrilled with the results. When you bring in a piece for framing, one of the owners walks you through all of your options, and if you're like me, help you determine exactly what you want the final piece to look like (kind of like the eye doctor, do you like this mat or one slightly greener?).  They help you find something you'll be thrilled with that is also within your budget (I have NEVER felt like they were trying to push a more expensive option).  The final result always exceeds my expectations. They also have a great collection of local artists' work for sale." - Elena S., Durham, NC (via Yelp)

"Bull city did an outstanding job with my photo and were so incredibly helpful with selecting matting and framing.  I came in unsure of what I was looking for in a frame but left with a true work of art that was hand selected and constructed with passion and precision.  All of their products and frame components are top quality and meant to last a lifetime.  Looking forward to decades of admiring their work!" - Myles N, Durham, NC (via Yelp)

"Lew & Tiff did a really good job for me.  I've had them frame two pieces and they  both came out excellent.  Combine that with their unfailingly friendly and excellent customer service and you get the best framing service in the Triangle." - Chuck E., Durham, NC (via Yelp)

"We had two pieces worked on by Tiffany and Lewis. The rehung a serigraph for us and framed a delicate piece of calligraphy.  For the serigraph they received the shipment from out of state and delivered and hung it in our house. For the calligraphy they worked with my wife to find the perfect frame, mount it and install an inscription. They were great to work with and did excellent work." - Ben G., Durham, NC (via Yelp)

"I never really had that much of an opinion on art framing, until now.  I bought a piece of art on a recent trip and came home and of course was looking for the absolute cheapest place to get this framed.  I was even thinking that maybe I could even get just use a frame from Target or something. I eventually talked myself into supporting a local business instead and took it to Bull City Art and Frame Company, and boy am I glad that I did.  When I got it back, I was completely blown away.  They did such an awesome job, but more than that provided such an amazing level of service. When I was there picking it up Lew explained how to best hang the art, reasons  to use this particular hanging system (not a wire), the quality of the frame, and so on.  If only every one in this world was as passionate about what they do.... Go to Bull City Art and Frame Company."

"This is a true Mom and Pop store where the quality of their work can not be overstated.  I never thought I could be more appreciative of a framing shop and the owners.  When you come here you will receive the best customer service available from the most knowledgeable people you could meet.  They will provide you with expert advice and work with you no matter what your budget or timeline is.  This is the kind of store and experience that makes you proud to live in Durham.  I picked up a weather beaten vintage Durham Tobacco poster in Austin, TX that I wanted to get framed as a center piece in my home.  Working with Tiffany was a breeze and she really listens to what you want and provides you with the best solution to make your piece "Pop".  When I returned to pick it up it looked absolutely amazing.  Better than I had ever imagined it could look.  Lewis will walk you through all the work they put into framing your piece and the best methods for hanging.  This place pulls out all the stops and I will be bringing all my framing business to them in the future. Looking to get something (or multiple things) framed?  Look no further - BRING IT HERE. You will never regret it." - Michael A., Durham, NC (via Yelp)

"These guys are the best. They really  know what they are talking about when it comes to framing and I learned more than I ever wanted to know about the process. Tiffany will guide you through selecting matting, framing and glass. She will offer her opinion on what she thinks looks best, even if it's the cheaper option. Lewis is the frame man and will tell you exactly how your old poster was transformed to a work of art. Besides the high quality framing, they are just great people. They knew us by name when we came back a few weeks later for pick up. It wasn't "Hi I'd like to pick up order 29474027" it was "Hi Matt & Amanda - your posters look great, let me go get them for you!" These are people who really care about their product and their customers." - Amanda M., Durham, NC (via Yelp)

"Lewis and Tiffany know what they are doing and are passionate about it. And ultimately that translates into their work.
As a student, prices seemed a little high to me at first however the quality of the final product demonstrated to what extent it was worth the investment. I highly recommend this place if you are serious about looking for quality framing services." - Alessandro R., Durham, NC (via Yelp)


"I brought in two pieces, both of them old and one in need of some repair. The folks at Bull City were attentive, excited about the art, and straightforward in both what they felt the art needed to look good and ways this might be achieved at less than outrageous cost. They threw themselves into the project with enthusiasm and explained their choices and suggestions, making a very pleasant experience. They also recommended a restoration specialist who was able to work miracles on one of the piece, and they were excellent about providing updates on the framing and restoration's progress. The work was done quickly and when we picked them up, we got excellent assistance on hanging them so as to best display them properly. All in all, an extremely satisfying experience, and the pieces look fantastic. I'd gladly bring them more work." - Richard D., Durham, NC (via Yelp)

"We have had two amazing experiences at Bull City Art and Frame Company! Both times we took antique maps to the shop to have them framed, hoping to get them back within the week. We actually brought our own frame and they were able to accommodate our request AND they got it done on our super short schedule. They are experts at what they do! They helped us select a mat and the perfect glass to prevent UV light from damaging the maps. Plus, they switched out the back so it would be breathable and better for the maps. I cannot recommend their work enough! Also, if your piece comes with a description or a note ask them to put it on the back. They were able to beautifully incorporate the description on the back of the frame." - Alissa E., Durham, NC (via Yelp)

"Staff was extremely friendly and knowledgable. They did a great job!" - Daniel G., Durham, NC (via Yelp)

"Lewis, his wife, and the rest of the staff are absolutely amazing. I went there to have a rather large map framed as our center piece for our main wall as you walk into our living room. I didn't know there were so many aspects to having something framed. Lewis is very knowledgeable and he and his wife were able to outfit my picture with a high quality framing that will last a lifetime. Most of all, they care about their customers. They even offered to come to my house and hang the piece for me just to make sure it would be done right! They really know how to treat their customers. I will definitely have our other timeless pieces framed there. Our family just took our first ever familyphotos and we will certainly use Bull City Art and Frame Company to guarantee our one of a kind pictures have only the best frames to match. Trust me, don't waste your time at Michaels or other high end "corporate" frame stores. No one cares about their customers nor does high quality work like this place. Trust your most precious pieces to Lewis and his won't be disappointed!" - Alicia S., Durham, NC (via Yelp)

"I couldn't be happier with how our variety of artwork was framed.  From posters, to etchings, newspaper articles and family photographs...all were done with impeccable care.  Tiffany and Lewis are a well-oiled husband/wife team.  Tiffany will help you with the upfront design while Lewis does the museum quality framing.  Just block out more time than you think for your drop offs/pick ups because they have pride in their work and take the time necessary with each client...a good thing in my book!" - Caroline B, Cary, NC (via Yelp)

"Very helpful folks. Lewis and Tiffany know what they're doing and I have been extremely happy with all of the work I've had done with them. I've gone back several times and will continue to use them. They are timely and willing to help out on short deadlines. They do gallery-level work. Although I'd love it if they would also mount to gator board, I am not disappointed with the materials they do use. The frames and mats are of quality and they understand the importance of archival quality." - Caitlin K., Durham, NC (via Yelp)

"I had wonderful interactions with Tiffany and Lewis and am thrilled with the work they did on my piece. They've earned my future business and recommendations." - Andrew T., Chapel Hill, NC (via Yelp)

"Had the pleasure of finding this business on a simple Google search for art framing.  They are very professional and put us right at ease.  They were very helpful in making decisions, and educated us along the way as well.  When my wife and I left, we knew our daughter's portrait was in good hands. The work was excellent and we could not be more pleased.  If you use anyone but Bull City, it's at your own risk.  Try them, you will not be disappointed." - Thomas L., Roxboro, NC (via Yelp)

"Your money goes a long way here....  The owners, Tiffany & Lewis, could not have been nicer, more patient or more helpful to us during this entire process.  They had an extraordinary selection of beautiful, quality frames to choose from.. and all within our budget.  They take a lot of pride in customer service and workmanship.  Thanks to them, our beautiful painting was framed and hung in plenty of time for our dinner party.  This was definitely the best and most memorable framing experience I've ever had.  I look forward to using their services again!" - Maye L., Chapel Hill, NC (via Yelp)

"Absolutely the best framer in the Triangle area.  I travel from another county 30 minutes away to have everything framed here.  The prices are comparable to other places.  What sets Bull City Art and Frame apart from everyone else is the other parts of a business:  For example, Lewis does the most impeccable job of framing.  It is so good, he must be OCD about it!  Literally the best job every time!  His wife is really really excellent at helping to suggest the best mats and frames to use with every job.  They also have a really great selection of fine art to purchase (which I have!).  Some places sell "art" on the side for additional money, but Bull City Art's selection of art is truly "fine art."  Wow!  Can't gush enough about these people. If I had to drive farther than 30 minutes, I would.  Can't beat them." - K. B., Durham, NC (via Yelp)

"Y'all ready for some overenthusiastic gushing from me?  Well, ready or not, here it comes:  Tiffany and Lewis Bowles completely and unequivocally rock my socks off.  Just days before I left for a week-long Caribbean vacation, I went to Bull City Art and Frame Company in a panic. One of my photographs was selected to appear in the juried photography exhibit, Portraits of Raleigh, at the Raleigh City Museum and the deadline for the "museum-quality framed photograph" fell during the time that I'd be sunning myself on the beaches of Grand Cayman. My photograph was enormous: 22" x 30" and, having just received the notification that day that it had been chosen to appear in the exhibit, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get it professionally framed---and within my limited budget (under $200)---in time. As soon as I received that glorious notification from the museum, I ran down the stairs to Bull City---my office is in Brightleaf, so we're neighbors!---in a tizzy to ask for their help.  This husband-and-wife team is just as friendly and accommodating as you can imagine.  Note: Be sure to bring the item that you'd like to have framed along with you when you visit, because they can't do an estimate without it. As soon as I had the print in hand (see my review of Southeastern Camera in Carrboro), I visited again and the Bowles worked with me to not only find the best frame and matting for the price, but also were able to turn it around in less than two days (a day earlier than they said they'd be able to do it, and even that initial order was a rush!).  I would, however, recommend that you try to give them more time than I did to frame your masterwork, as they do everything by hand, which of course takes more time than, say, Michaels, but will also produce an infinitely superior finished product. And, speaking of Michaels, their "40% off frame sale!" (or whatever) they have all the time is a ripoff.  Their frames are obscenely overpriced to begin with.  That so-called "discount" is not a discount at all!  And not only did my finished Bull City frame cost LESS than what I would've spent at Michaels, but it also---seriously---is something you'd hang in a museum. All told, I spent $140 (includes sales tax and their awesome 10% Duke PERQS discount; half due when order is placed, the other half upon inspection and pickup) on my beautiful frame and it was: Worth.  Every.  Cent.  The Bowles found me the best price on a gorgeous black wooden frame and included a 2" white matting around the edges of the photograph, which really just made the image itself pop.  And I just went with the least expensive glass, but they have a whole array of museum-quality, anti-glare, and UV-protected (to prevent fading) glass from which to choose.  Plus, they're green framers: they recycle 100% of their materials (say what??).  As if all of that wasn't awesome enough, I felt like I got the royal treatment: just absolutely amazing customer service and communication! And they did all of this in TWO DAYS, if you can freakin' believe it (I nearly had to pinch myself).  When I came to pick it up, Lewis carefully unwrapped the framed photograph for me and showed me in every little thing they did with it and they did not skimp on the details: heavy-duty metal hanging hardware and wire---unquestionably strong enough to withstand the test of time---as well as bumpers on each corner of the back of the piece to keep it in place against the wall without damaging the back of the frame or the wall itself. Then Lewis carried the portrait out to my car---all the way across the street near Fishmongers---in the sweltering July heat and gave me a hug once it was safely loaded up.  It was as if he was as proud of me about my accomplishment as my own friends and family are!  I felt so well taken care of by the Bowles: they are gregarious, funny, and they take their craft seriously.  They make you feel like you're a part of their family, a stark contrast to the (dis)service you receive at any of the chain framers (at least in my experience).  I've got another exhibit at the end of the month and I will be back." - Helen K., Durham, NC (via Yelp)

"Unbelievable selection of prints and wonderful, friendly staff. It's not cheap (when is custom framing ever cheap though?) but a great place to get a gift for someone special. High quality all-around, right down to the type of pen and paper they offered us to attach a note to the back of a print." - Joseph D., Boston, MA (via Yelp)

"I was thrilled with both the customer service and the framing here. Impeccable attention to detail, professionalism, and generosity characterize my experience with Bull City Art & Frame Co. I brought in a beloved framed print, the backing of which suddenly had developed a greasy spot, probably the decomposition of some material in the previous frame. The owners went above and beyond what we had discussed, at no extra charge, improving the frame's components greatly. They also graciously accommodated my last-minute request, as I was leaving town shortly thereafter. Such a pleasure coming here--I would return here in a heartbeat, and I am sure I will." - Rebecca M., Durham, NC (via Yelp)

"I had a letterpress print on unique paper that I wanted float mounted, Tiffany was amazing, incredibly helpful in coming up with the perfect design. In other experiences with frame shops I either felt I was on my own to make decisions, or a design was thrust upon me, while Tiffany was really attuned to what I wanted aesthetically. The pricing was very reasonable, especially considering that the piece came out stunningly. I will bring all of my framing needs to them in the future." - James R., Durham, NC (via Yelp)

"I, Iike Helena before me, was in a rush to get my wedding picture framed as a gift for my in-laws.  Yeah, we left it to the last minute and I found people were not really enthusiastic about framing something with such  short notice, but not Lewis and Tiffany.  They were EXTREMELY helpful! AND they said they would have it ready for us by Thursday (we came in on a Tuesday and were leaving on Friday for MN).  We were also on a budget because custom framing we know is not inexpensive but they were great and gave us a beautiful frame with a fair price!  They  gave us options on the material so we could in the end decide how much we wanted it to be.  They do have  a back log of framing jobs to do, but both really went out of their way to make it work for us. My in-laws loved it and we did too!" - Martha A., Durham, NC (via Yelp)

"What a great experience - Tiffany and Lewis are incredibly helpful, courteous, and do outstanding custom framing.  They are very responsive in helping pick out exactly what you're looking for, and their attention to detail in framing is excellent.  Next time I need something framed, this is where I'll go, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone." - Court H., Durham, NC (via Yelp)

"Tiffany and Lewis are amazing. They help you pick out the best frame, offer you lots of choices, and the end result is always amazing. Also, they have a great little play space for kids so they have something to do while you shop. I have never worked with a better framer!" - Amanda S., London, UK (via Yelp)

"They provide eco-friendly framing services, a unique offering for this area. Hundreds of frames (even glittered) and mattes to choose from, plus a fantastic art gallery of local talent to browse through. My fave framer!" - Ruby B., Durham, NC (via Yelp)

"True Southern Hospitality" must have been termed for Tiffany & Lewis, the propietors of this incredible art gallery!  The service is phenomenal.  The shop is filled with fantastic pieces (mainly local artists, I believe).  One of the loveliest shops I have ever visited - EVER!  Thanks, Tiffany & Lewis!  S" - S.M., Menlo Park, CA (via Yelp)



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