Bull City Art & Frame Company | Gallery of Work by Local Artists
Bull City Art & Frame Company is proud to present an eclectic, ever changing mix of art by Local Artists in a variety of mediums. Each month BCAF has a different featured artist showing a collection of their work in our Featured Artist corner. The front gallery offers art buyers/lovers a mix of Art with local flare around every corner! BCAF is constantly changing the gallery around to offer something for everyone. Stop in and see what’s new at BCAF today!
Roll Call of our Local Artists
· Judy Abrahams
· Phyllis Golden Andrews
· Sharon Barnes
· Andrew Bentley
· Ray Byram
· Linda Carmel
· Mary Charlton
· Lynne Clarke
· Penny Di Maio
· Donald L. Hamilton
· Amy Hautman
· Sharon Lee Dorman
· Revere La Noue
· Charles Lallier
· Kellie Marian Hill
· VJ Schmitt
· David Sovero
· Moriah Swick
· Leslie Udry
· Dalia Walker
· Grace Li Wang
· Wendy Wilkins
· David Zimmerman
· Tony Alderman
· Freeman Beard
· Judy H. Fowler
· Amy Hautman
· Barbara Keighton
· Steven Ray Miller
· Barbara Rohde
Mixed Media/Mosaics/Stained Glass
· India Cain
· Benjamin Frey
· Jacquelin Liggins
· Paula MacLeod
· Dmitri Resnik
· Michael Klein
· Sudie Rakusin
· Emma Skurnick
· David Swanger
· Jaye Williamson
Sculpture/ Woodworking
· Kenton Altheiser
· Garry Boyce
· Rick Draudt
· David Hall
· Carol Kroll
· Jeffery Lee
· Jose’ Pereira
· Ron Petty
· Paul Stella
· Ira Noble Swain
· Michael Citrini
· Billy Cone
· Sarah Coppola (Indigo Arts)
· Bob Dumas
· Bill Perlmutter
· Kaye Summers
· Jim Wallace
· Paul D. Wingler, Master photographer
Fabric Art
· Lynne Clarke
· Christine Hager-Braun
· Birama Berthe
· Judy Bowles
· Sarah Coppola (Indigo Arts)
· Elizabeth Jones
· Lenore Ramm
· Susan Schroeer (Treasured Connections)
· Sherry Scoggins
· Anne Bogerd
· Cynthia Harrell (Enthusiasm Pottery)
· Susan Kern (Falcon Lane Pottery)
· Ellen Kong
· Kitty Sherwin
· Dina Wilde-Ramsing
Ray ByramLinda CarmelDonald L. HamiltonCharles LallierGrace Li WangFreeman BeardSudie RakusinLenore RammEllen KongDina Wilde-Ramsing

Guestbook for Gallery of Work by Local Artists
Barb Rohde(non-registered)
Tiffany and Lewis,
I'm excited about having my paintings in your "Featured Artist Corner" this month. Hope you have LOTS of customers. Best wishes for a successful December at the BCAF!! Barb